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Every property is in a flood zone, but not all flood risk is

equal. Flood Insurance Solutions, formerly AmeriFlood Solutions, Inc., wants you to be proactive about flood risk. 


Learn why we advocate for accuracy in the evaluation of flood risk and fairness in the imposition of flood insurance requirements. Feel free to view, download, or share the resources below.  


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Q: Why should I obtain a free flood risk evaluation?

The imposition of mandatory flood coverage is not fair and more than 50 percent of high-risk flood zone designations are wrong! A standard flood zone determination merely notes a property's location on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and fails to identify characteristics unique to individual structures. Many of these maps are outdated. Further, elevation certificate errors and omissions misrepresent a property's actual flood risk and cause an insurance agent to incorrectly rate the flood policy.

Q: What is the cost to evaluate a property?

Not a penny! Flood Insurance Solutions believes that every property owner has a right to know the true flood risk of their home or building. As a public service, we provide this comprehensive evaluation free of charge with no obligation.

Q: What documents do you need to evaluate a property?

To evaluate your property, submit the online property information form, then email or fax your flood insurance declarations page and elevation certificate.

Q: How much does an elevation certificate cost?

The cost of an elevation certificate varies by property location and type. Flood Insurance Solutions has a national network of licensed land surveyors and engineers which allows for fair and competitive pricing. Obtain a no-obligation quote here.

Q: What if the evaluation indicates the high-risk flood zone designation is wrong?

With your approval, Flood Insurance Solutions will petition FEMA to reclassify the property into a low to moderate-risk flood zone. Upon acceptance of our findings, FEMA will issue a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to remove the property from the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

Q: What is the cost of flood zone reclassification?

For single-family properties, a one-time flat fee of $350; for commercial properties, a one-time flat fee equal to the property's annual insurance premium or amount of premium reduction, whichever is applicable. All fees are contingency based, meaning, you only pay if we're successful in removing the property from a high-risk flood zone or reducing the premium. 

Q: How long does it take to reclassify a property?

Flood zone reclassification is a complex process that can take three months to a year to complete. It is best to evaluate a property at least a year prior to the flood insurance policy renewal date.

Q: So my property is reclassified, how do I save?

Upon receipt of a waiver of the flood insurance requirement from your lender, you can cancel your flood insurance policy and receive a full or pro-rated refund of the premium. You may also choose to obtain a Preferred Risk Policy, which offers coverage at a lower cost. Commercial property owners should inquire whether coverage is available under a master property insurance program. 


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