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Flood risk management is a viable solution for insurance and

risk management companies, including property and casualty agencies and brokers, risk consultants, and related third-party mortgage servicers when:

  • Clients dispute the high-risk flood zone designation of their properties
  • Clients request an evaluation of properties designated in the high-risk flood zone
  • The client's property currently designated in a high-risk flood
  • zone has never suffered flood damage 
  • A client receives a community notice about an effective flood map change
  • A client seeks coverage commensurate with the actual flood
  • risk of the property, which saves money and improves the real estate value  


Flood risk management is a collaborative advantage that allows you to leverage our unique flood expertise and technical

capabilities to manage all client flood risk efficiently and effectively; to provide flood risk management services to your entire portfolio of property clients; to build value at the customer level and exceed customer service goals; to differentiate

and set your company apart from the competition without exhausting staff resources or the bottom line; and to empower clients to make cost-effective flood insurance decisions commensurate with their budgets and true level of risk. 

Your clients have a right to know if they are paying too much, too little, or should note be paying at all for flood coverage. Flood Insurance Solutions will verify the accuracy of the requirement, which includes an elevation certificate review; determine if the property can be reclassified; and identify the potential to reduce or eliminate the flood insurance premium. 


"For every $5,000 a year your flood insurance goes up, you're losing $100,000 in property value."


There's no downside

to being proactive about flood risk 

Count on Flood Insurance Solutions to evaluate client or prospective client properties in high-risk flood zones, to coordinate elevation certificates, and to correct erroneous flood zone



Should you require an independent review of client properties in designated high-risk flood zones or an understanding of a client’s flood insurance requirement, we're here for you.


We offer an unparalleled level of flood servicing and a competitive edge in client acquisition, retention and referrals.  

Do you have clients with properties subject to NFIP requirements? Obtain an expert second opinion based on facts, not merely a property's location on a map.

What clients have to say

Specifically, I would like to mention the work recently provided on a large acquisition of five hotels in Key West (FL). Due to your expedited service in obtaining elevation certificates and your knowledge of NFIP, we were able to achieve savings of over $75,000 in annual NFIP premiums.


Risk Management Broker, Dallas, TX

What clients have to say

...much appreciated. all your efforts communicating and being nice!

Duane K.

Single-family Homeowner, Ben Lomond, CA

What clients have to say

As the largest provider of federal flood insurance (NFIP) policies in the U.S., we highly recommend the elevation certificate services. Their national network of licensed surveyors and engineers, combined with their expert knowledge of NFIP rules, ensures that our customers receive accurate elevation documents, which, in turn, enables us to provide properly rated policies. 

Write Your Own (WYO) Flood Insurance Carrier

St. Petersburg, FL

What clients have to say

The benefits …were realized almost immediately. My clients realized the immediate premium savings and ultimately appreciated the fact that the value of their assets increased given the

improvement of the flood determinations and the reduction in flood insurance premiums… . I highly recommend Flood Insurance Solutions, Inc. as a source to address your clients’ flood insurance with and perhaps more importantly, I deem them to be an honest and trustworthy company to improve and rectify your clients’ flood insurance issues. 

Risk Management Advisor

Mahwah, NJ

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